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1 dumbfound

Be a mystery or bewildering to.

synoniemen: amaze, baffle, beat, bewilder, flummox, get, gravel, mystify, nonplus, perplex ... meer laten zien.

Roget 509: be disappointed; look blank, look blue; look aghast, stand aghast etc. (wonder) 870; find to one's cost; laugh on the wrong side of one's mouth; find one a false prophet.    not realize one's hope, not realize one's expectation.    ... meer laten zien

Roget 508: not expect etc. 507; be taken by surprise; start; miscalculate etc. 481; not bargain for; come upon, fall upon.    be unexpected etc. adj.; ... meer laten zien

Nederlands: verbluffen, verlegenheid, verstomd doen staan

Moby betekeniswoordenboek: amaze, astonish, astound, awe, awestrike, bedaze, bedazzle, bewilder, boggle, bowl down, bowl over, choke, choke off, confound, confuse, daze, dazzle, dumbfounder, flabbergast, floor ... meer laten zien.

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