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Roget-categorie 607

5. Words relating to the voluntary powers
5.1. Volition in general
›› 5.1.1. Acts of volition

#607. Tergiversation

zelfstandig naamwoord

change of mind, change of intention, change of purposeafterthought.
tergiversation, recantationpalinode, palinodyrenunciationabjuration, abjurementdefection etc. (relinquishment) 624going over etc. v. — apostasyretraction, retractation withdrawaldisavowal etc. (negation) 536revocation, revokementreversalrepentance etc. 950redintegratio amoris [Lat.].
coquetryvacillation etc. 605backslidingvolte-face [Fr.].
turn coat, turn tippetrat, apostate, renegadeconvert, pervertproselyte, deserterbacksliderblackleg, crawfish [U.S.], scab [Slang], mugwump [U.S.], recidivist.
time server, time pleasertimist, Vicar of Bray, trimmer, ambidexterweathercock etc. (changeable) 149Janus.


change one's mind, change one's intention, change one's purpose, change one's noteabjure, renouncewithdraw from etc. (relinquish) 624waver, vacillatewheel round, turn round, veer roundturn a pirouettego over from one side to another, pass from one side to another, change from one side to another, skip from one side to anothergo to the rightaboutbox the compass, shift one's ground, go upon another tack.
apostatize, change sides, go over, ratrecant, retractrevokerescind etc. (abrogate) 756recallforswear, unsaycome over, come round to an opinioncrawfish [U.S.], crawl [U.S.].
draw in one's horns, eat one's wordseat the leek, swallow the leekswerve, flinch, back out of, retrace one's steps, think better of it come back return to one's first loveturn over a new leaf etc. (repent) 950.
trim, shuffle, play fast and loose, blow hot and cold, coquet, be on the fence, straddle, bold with the hare but run with the houndsnager entre deux eaux [Fr.]wait to see how the cat jumps, wait to see how the wind blows.

bijvoeglijk naamwoord

changeful etc. 149irresolute etc. 605ductile, slippery as an eel, trimming, ambidextrous, timeservingcoquetting etc. v.. revocatory, reactionary.


a change came o'er the spirit of my dream" [Byron].

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