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bijvoeglijk naamwoord

1 appealing

Able to attract interest or draw favorable attention.

2 appealing

of characters in literature or drama Evoking empathic or sympathetic feelings.

synoniemen: likable, likeable, sympathetic.

Moby betekeniswoordenboek: achingly sweet, adjuratory, agreeable, agreeable-sounding, alluring, appetizing, ariose, arioso, attracting, attractive, begging, beguiling, beseeching, bewitching, blandishing, cajoling, canorous, cantabile, captivating, catching ... meer laten zien.

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zelfstandig naamwoord

1 appeal

Earnest or urgent request:
— An appeal for help.
— An appeal to the public to keep calm.

synoniemen: entreaty, prayer.

Roget 969: lawsuit, suit, action, cause; litigation; suit in law; dispute etc. 713.    citation, arraignment, prosecution, impeachment; accusation ... meer laten zien

Roget 765: request, requisition; claim etc. (demand) 741; petition, suit, prayer; begging letter, round robin.    motion, overture, ... meer laten zien

Roget 586: allocution, alloquy, address; speech etc. 582; apostrophe, interpellation, appeal, invocation, salutation; word in the ear.    [Feigned dialogue] ... meer laten zien

Nederlands: oproep, smeekbede, smeekgebed
Pools: apel, odezwa, wezwanie

2 appeal

Attractiveness that interests or pleases or stimulates:
— His smile was part of his appeal to her.

synoniemen: appealingness, charm.

Nederlands: aanminnigheid, aanvalligheid, bekoorlijkheid, bekoring, beminnelijkheid, charme, lieftalligheid
Pools: urok, magia, czar, magiczność

3 appeal

law A legal proceeding in which the appellant resorts to a higher court for the purpose of obtaining a review of a lower court decision and a reversal of the lower court's judgment or the granting of a new trial.

Nederlands: beroep
Pools: odwołanie

4 appeal

Request for a sum of money:
— An appeal to raise money for starving children.

synoniemen: collection, ingathering, solicitation.

Nederlands: inzameling
Pools: apel


1 appeal

Take a court case to a higher court for review.

2 appeal

Request earnestly (something from somebody); ask for aid or protection:
— Appeal to somebody for help.

synoniem: invoke.

Nederlands: appelleren

3 appeal

Be attractive to:
— The idea of a vacation appeals to me.

synoniem: attract.

Nederlands: appeleren, aanspreken, aanstaan, behagen, bevallen, liggen, lijken, zinnen

4 appeal

Challenge (a decision).

Nederlands: appelleren, beroepen

5 appeal

Cite as an authority; resort to:
— I appealed to the law of 1900.

synoniem: invoke.

Nederlands: inroepen, aanroepen, beroepen

Moby betekeniswoordenboek: Angelus, Ave, Ave Maria, Hail Mary, Kyrie Eleison, Paternoster, acceptability, adjuration, adjure, adorability, agacerie, agreeability, aid prayer, allure, allurement, amiability, appeal motion, appeal to, appealingness, application ... meer laten zien.

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