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zelfstandig naamwoord

1 Siren

A sea nymph (part woman and part bird) supposed to lure sailors to destruction on the rocks where the nymphs lived.

Nederlands: sirene

2 siren

A woman who is considered to be dangerously seductive.

synoniemen: Delilah, enchantress, femme fatale, temptress.

Roget 994: sorcerer, magician; thaumaturgist, theurgist; conjuror, necromancer, seer, wizard, witch; hoodoo, voodoo; fairy etc. ... meer laten zien

Roget 980: demon, daemon, demonry, demonology; evil genius, fiend, familiar, daeva, devil; bad spirit, unclean spirit; cacodemon, incubus, ... meer laten zien

Roget 913: evil doer, evil worker; wrongdoer etc. 949; mischief-maker, marplot; oppressor, tyrant; destroyer, Vandal; iconoclast.    firebrand, incendiary, ... meer laten zien

Roget 668: warning, early warning, caution, caveat; notice etc. (information) 527; premonition, premonishment; prediction etc. 511; contraindication, ... meer laten zien

Roget 416: musician, artiste, performer, player, minstrel; bard etc. (poet) 597; [specific types of musicians] accompanist, accordionist, instrumentalist, organist, ... meer laten zien

Nederlands: sirene, verleidster
Pools: kusicielka, uwodzicielka

3 siren

A warning signal that is a loud wailing sound.

4 siren

An acoustic device producing a loud often wailing sound as a signal or warning.

Nederlands: sirene
Pools: syrena

5 siren

Eellike aquatic North American salamander with small forelimbs and no hind limbs; have permanent external gills.

Roget 615: motive, springs of action, wellsprings of action.    reason, ground, call, principle; by end, by purpose; mainspring, primum mobile [Lat.], keystone; the why and the wherefore; ... meer laten zien

Roget 341: sea, ocean, main, deep, brine, salt water, waves, billows, high seas, offing, great waters, watery waste, vasty deep;" wave, ... meer laten zien

Moby betekeniswoordenboek: Circe, Davy, Davy Jones, Don Juan, Dylan, Euryale, Gorgon, Jezebel, Klaxon, Lorelei, Mayday, Medea, Medusa, Neptune, Nereid, Nereus, Oceanid, Oceanus, Parthenope, Poseidon ... meer laten zien.

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