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bijvoeglijk naamwoord

1 inarticulate

Without or deprived of the use of speech or words:
— Inarticulate beasts.
— Remained stupidly inarticulate and saying something noncommittal.
— Inarticulate with rage.
— An inarticulate cry.

synoniem: unarticulate.

Roget 581: aphonous, dumb, mute; deafmute, deaf and dumb; mum; tongue-tied; breathless, tongueless, voiceless, speechless, wordless; mute as a fish, ... meer laten zien

Roget 583: stammering etc. v.; inarticulate, guttural, nasal; tremulous; affected.   

Moby betekeniswoordenboek: Greek to one, ambiguous, anaudic, aphasic, aphonic, bashful, beyond understanding, blurred, breathless, breathy, choked, choking, confused, conscious, coy, croaking, demure, digressive, discursive, disjointed ... meer laten zien.

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