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1 rationalize

Defend, explain, clear away, or make excuses for by reasoning:
— Rationalize the child's seemingly crazy behavior.
— He rationalized his lack of success.

synoniemen: apologise, apologize, excuse, rationalise.

Nederlands: vergeven, verontschuldigen, zich verontschuldigen, excuseren, billijken, goedpraten, justificeren, justifiëren, rechtigen, rechtvaardigen ... meer laten zien

2 rationalize

Weed out unwanted or unnecessary things.

synoniemen: cut, prune, rationalise.

3 rationalize

Structure and run according to rational or scientific principles in order to achieve desired results:
— We rationalized the factory's production and raised profits.

synoniem: rationalise.

Nederlands: rationaliseren

4 rationalize

Think rationally; employ logic or reason:
— When one wonders why one is doing certain things, one should rationalize.

synoniem: rationalise.

5 rationalize

Remove irrational quantities from:
— This function can be rationalized.

synoniem: rationalise.

Moby betekeniswoordenboek: account, account for, adjust, allegorize, analyze, apply reason, argue insincerely, arrange, calculate, cast, chart, clarify, clear, clear up, codify, concert, contrive, coordinate, crack, cry sour grapes ... meer laten zien.

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