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Roget-categorie 405

3. Words relating to matter
3.3. Organic matter
›› 3.3.2. Sensation

#405. Faintness

zelfstandig naamwoord

faintness etc. adj. — faint sound, whisper, breathundertone, underbreathmurmur, hum, susurrationtinklestill small voice.
" hoarseness etc. adj. — raucity.


whisper, breathe, murmur, purl, hum, gurgle, ripple, babble, flowtinklemutter etc. (speak imperfectly) 583susurrate.
steal on the earmelt in the air, float on the air.

bijvoeglijk naamwoord

inaudiblescarcely audible, just audiblelow, dullstifled, muffledhoarse, huskygentle, soft, faintfloatingpurling, flowing etc. v. — whispered etc. v. — liquidsoothingdulcet etc. (melodious) 413susurrant, susurrous.


in a whisper, with bated breath, sotto voce [Lat.], between the teeth, asidepiano, pianissimod la sourdineout of earshot inaudibly etc. adj.. (ii) SPECIFIC SOUNDS

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