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Roget-categorie 447

3. Words relating to matter
3.3. Organic matter
›› 3.3.2. Sensation

#447. Invisibility

zelfstandig naamwoord

invisibility, invisibleness, nonappearance, imperceptibility indistinctness etc. adj. — mystery, delitescence.
concealment etc. 528latency etc. 526.


be invisible etc. adj. — be hidden etc. (hide) 528lurk etc. (lie hidden) 526escape notice.
render invisible etc. adj. — conceal etc. 528put out of sight.
not see etc. (be blind) 442lose sight of.

bijvoeglijk naamwoord

invisible, imperceptibleundiscernible, indiscernibleunapparent, non-apparentout of sight, not in sighta perte de vue [Fr.]behind the scenes, behind the curtain viewless, sightlessinconspicuous, unconspicuousunseen etc. (see) etc. 441covert etc. (latent) 526eclipsed, under an eclipse.
dim etc. (faint) 422mysterious, dark, obscure, confusedindistinct, indistinguishableshadowy, indefinite, undefinedill-defined, ill-markedblurred, fuzzy, out of focusmisty etc. (opaque) 426delitescent.
hidden, obscured, covered, veiled (concealed) 528.


full many a flower is born to blush unseen" [Gray].

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