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behind the scenes


Roget 526: by a side wind; sub silentio [Lat.]; in the background; behind the scenes, behind one's back; on the tip of one's tongue; secretly etc. 528; between the lines.   

Roget 528: secretly etc. adj.; in secret, in private, in one's sleeve, in holes and corners; in the dark etc. adj.. januis clausis [Lat.], with closed doors, a huis clos [Fr.]; ... meer laten zien

bijvoeglijk naamwoord

Roget 490: knowing etc. v.; cognitive; acroamatic.    aware of, cognizant of, conscious of; acquainted with, made acquainted with; privy to, no stranger to; au fait with, au courant; ... meer laten zien

Roget 447: invisible, imperceptible; undiscernible, indiscernible; unapparent, non-apparent; out of sight, not in sight; a perte de vue [Fr.]; behind the scenes, behind the curtain; viewless, sightless; ... meer laten zien


Roget 153: because etc. 155; behind the scenes.   

Roget 599: on the stage, on the boards; on film; before the floats, before an audience; behind the scenes.   

Moby betekeniswoordenboek: DR, alive to, appreciative of, apprised of, awake to, aware of, back to back, backstage, before an audience, before the footlights, behind, behind the curtain, behind the veil, camouflaged, causal, causative, cognizant of, concealed, conscious of, constitutive ... meer laten zien.

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