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Roget-categorie 463

4. Words relating to the intellectual faculties
4.2. Precursory conditions and operations

#463. Experiment

zelfstandig naamwoord

experimentessay etc. (attempt) 675analysis etc. (investigation) 461screentrial, tentative method, t=atonnement.
verification, probation, experimentum crucis [Lat.], proof, (demonstration) 478criterion, diagnostic, test, probe, crucial test, acid test, litmus test.
crucible, reagent, check, touchstone, pixassay, ordealringlitmus paper, curcuma paper, turmeric papertest tubeanalytical instruments etc. 633.
empiricism, rule of thumb.
feelertrial balloon, pilot balloon, messenger balloonpilot enginescoutstraw to show the wind.
speculation, random shot, leap in the dark.
analyzer, analyst, assayistadventurerexperimenter, experimentist, experimentalistscientist, engineer, technician.
subject, experimentee, guinea pig, experimental animal.
[experimental method] protocol, experimental method, blind experiment, double-blind experiment, controlled experiment.
poll, survey, opinion poll.
epidemiological survey [Med.], retrospective analysis, retrospective survey, prospective survey, prospective analysisstatistical analysis.
literature search, library research.
tryout, audition.
[results of experiment] discovery etc. 480measurement etc. 466evidence etc. 467.
[reasoning about an experiment] deduction, induction, abduction.


experimentessay etc. (endeavor) 675try, try out, assaymake an experiment, make a trial ofgive a trial toput on trial, subject to trialexperiment uponrehearseput to the test, bring to the test, submit to the test, submit to the proofprove, verify, test, touch, practice upon, try one's strengthroad-test, test drive, take for a spintest fly.
gropefeel one's way, grope for one's wayfumble, t=atonner, aller =a t=atons [Fr.], put out a feeler, throw out a feelersend up a trial balloon, send up a pilot balloonsee how the land lies, get the lay of the land, test the waters, feel out, sound out, take the pulse, see, check, check out [Coll.], see how the wind blowsconsult the barometerfeel the pulsefish for, bob forcast for, beat about forangle, trawl, cast one's net, beat the bushes.
try one's fortune etc. (adventure) 675explore etc. (inquire) 461.

bijvoeglijk naamwoord

experimental, empirical.
probative, probatory, probationary, provisionalanalytic, docimastictentativeunverified, unproven, speculative, untested.


on trial, under examination, on probation, under probation, on one's trial, on approval.


check it out, give it a try, see how it goesRun it up the flagpole and see who salutes"

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