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1 around

In the area or vicinity:
— Hanging around.
— Waited around for the next flight.

synoniem: about.

Roget 227: around, about; without; on every side; on all sides; right and left, all round, round about.   

2 around

By a circular or circuitous route.

3 around

Used of movement to or among many different places or in no particular direction:
— News gets around (or about).
— Traveled around in Asia.
— He needs advice from someone who's been around.
— She sleeps around.

synoniem: about.

4 around

In a circle or circular motion.

5 around

of quantities Imprecise but fairly close to correct:
— Weighs around a hundred pounds.

synoniemen: about, approximately, close to, just about, more or less, or so, roughly, some.

6 around

In or to a reversed position or direction:
— Suddenly she turned around.

synoniem: about.

7 around

To a particular destination either specified or understood.

8 around

All around or on all sides:
— Dirty clothes lying around (or about).
— There were trees growing all around.
— She looked around her.

synoniem: about.

9 around

In circumference.

10 around

From beginning to end; throughout:
— Frigid weather the year around.

synoniem: round.

Moby betekeniswoordenboek: about, again, alive, all about, all over, all round, all through, almost, along toward, anticlockwise, any which way, anyhow, anywise, approximately, at close quarters, at hand, at random, back, backward, by ... meer laten zien.

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