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zelfstandig naamwoord

1 back

The posterior part of a human (or animal) body from the neck to the end of the spine:
— His back was nicely tanned.

synoniem: dorsum.

Roget 250: convexity, prominence, projection, swelling, gibbosity, bilge, bulge, protuberance, protrusion; camber, cahot [U.S.].    thank-ye-ma'am [U.S.].    swell.    intumescence; ... meer laten zien

Roget 235: rear, back, posteriority; rear rank, rear guard; background, hinterland.    occiput [Anat.], nape, chine; heels; tail, rump, croup, ... meer laten zien

Nederlands: rug
Pools: grzbiet, plecy

2 back

The side that goes last or is not normally seen:
— He wrote the date on the back of the photograph.

synoniem: rear.

Nederlands: achter, achterkant, achterzijde, ommezijde

3 back

The part of something that is furthest from the normal viewer:
— He stood at the back of the stage.

synoniem: rear.

Nederlands: achterste
Pools: kuluary, tyły, zaplecze

4 back

football A person who plays in the backfield.

Nederlands: achterhoedespeler, achterspeler, back, verdediger

5 back

The series of vertebrae forming the axis of the skeleton and protecting the spinal cord:
— The fall broke his back.

synoniemen: backbone, rachis, spinal column, spine, vertebral column.

Nederlands: ruggegraat, ruggengraat, ruggestreng, wervelkolom
Pools: kręgosłup, stos pacierzowy

6 back

The protective covering on the front, back, and spine of a book.

synoniemen: binding, book binding, cover.

Nederlands: boekomslag, band, boekband, couverture, cover, kaft, omslag, stofomslag
Pools: okładka

7 back

The part of a garment that covers the back of your body.

Nederlands: rug

8 back

A support that you can lean against while sitting:
— The back of the dental chair was adjustable.

synoniem: backrest.

Nederlands: rug, rugleuning
Pools: oparcie

9 back

American football The position of a player on a football team who is stationed behind the line of scrimmage.

Nederlands: achterhoedespeler, verdediger


1 back

Be behind; approve of:
— I backed Kennedy in 1960.

synoniemen: endorse, indorse, plump for, plunk for, support.

Roget 800: amount to, come to, mount up to; touch the pocket; draw, draw upon; indorse etc. (security) 771; issue, utter; discount etc. ... meer laten zien

Nederlands: bijstaan, ruggensteunen, ruggesteunen, rugsteunen

2 back

Travel backward.

3 back

Give support or one's approval to:
— I can't back this plan.

synoniemen: endorse, indorse, second.

Nederlands: aanbevelen, goedkeuren, ondersteunen, sterken, stijven

4 back

Cause to travel backward.

Nederlands: achteruitrijden, achteruitsteken

5 back

Support financial backing for.

6 back

Be in back of.

Nederlands: achterliggen

7 back

Place a bet on:
— Which horse are you backing?.

synoniemen: bet on, gage, game, punt, stake.

Nederlands: inzetten, zetten

8 back

Shift to a counterclockwise direction.

9 back

Establish as valid or genuine:
— Can you back up your claims?.

synoniem: back up.

Roget 707: aid, assist, help, succor, lend one's aid; come to the aid etc. n.. of; contribute, subscribe to; bring aid, give aid, furnish aid, ... meer laten zien

10 back

Strengthen by providing with a back or backing.

bijvoeglijk naamwoord

1 back

Related to or located at the back.

2 back

Located at or near the back of an animal:
— Back (or hind) legs.

synoniemen: hind, hinder.

Roget 235: back, rear; hind, hinder, hindmost, hindermost; postern, posterior; dorsal, after; caudal, lumbar; mizzen, tergal.    ... meer laten zien

3 back

Of an earlier date.


1 back

In or to or toward a former location.

2 back

At or to or toward the back or rear:
— He moved back.
— Tripped when he stepped backward.

synoniemen: backward, backwards, rearward, rearwards.

Roget 283: back, backwards; reflexively, to the right about; a reculons [Fr.], a rebours [Fr.].   

3 back

In or to or toward an original condition.

4 back

In or to or toward a past time:
— Set the clocks back an hour.
— Never look back.
— Lovers of the past looking fondly backward.

synoniem: backward.

5 back

In reply.

6 back

In repayment or retaliation.

Moby betekeniswoordenboek: a priori, a rebours, a reculons, abandon, abet, accented, acknowledgments, advance, advocate, affirm, afford support, aft, after, aftermost, afterpart, afterpiece, again, against the grain, ago, aid ... meer laten zien.

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