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1 secretly

In secrecy; not openly:
— Met secretly to discuss the invasion plans.
— The children secretly went to the movies when they were supposed to be at the library.

synoniemen: in secret, on the Q.T., on the QT.

Roget 526: by a side wind; sub silentio [Lat.]; in the background; behind the scenes, behind one's back; on the tip of one's tongue; secretly etc. 528; between the lines.   

Roget 528: secretly etc. adj.; in secret, in private, in one's sleeve, in holes and corners; in the dark etc. adj.. januis clausis [Lat.], with closed doors, a huis clos [Fr.]; ... meer laten zien

2 secretly

Not openly; inwardly.

Moby betekeniswoordenboek: behind closed doors, behind the curtain, behind the scenes, behind the veil, by stealth, confidentially, covertly, furtively, hugger-mugger, in a corner, in a whisper, in camera, in darkness, in hidlings, in secret, in the background, in the dark, mysteriously, nobody the wiser, on the quiet ... meer laten zien.

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