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zelfstandig naamwoord

1 toast

Slices of bread that have been toasted.

Nederlands: geroosterd brood, heildronk, roosteren, toast, toost, [[geroosterd]] [[brood]]
Pools: grzanka, tost

2 toast

A celebrity who receives much acclaim and attention.

3 toast

A person in desperate straits; someone doomed:
— One mistake and you're toast.

synoniem: goner.

Nederlands: verwoestend man

4 toast

A drink in honor of or to the health of a person or event.

synoniem: pledge.

Pools: toast


1 toast

Make brown and crisp by heating:
— Toast bread.

synoniemen: crisp, crispen.

Roget 384: heat, warm, chafe, stive, foment; make hot etc. 382; sun oneself, sunbathe.    go up in flames, burn to the ground (flame) 382.    ... meer laten zien

Nederlands: roosteren

2 toast

Propose a toast to:
— Let us toast the birthday girl!.

synoniemen: drink, pledge, salute, wassail.

Roget 883: celebrate keep, signalize, do honor to, commemorate, solemnize, hallow, mark with a red letter.    pledge, drink to, toast, hob and nob.    inaugurate, install, ... meer laten zien

Nederlands: aanstoten, klinken, proosten, toasten, toosten

Moby betekeniswoordenboek: French bread, Irish soda bread, Italian bread, anniversaries, appreciation, bake, barbecue, baste, be in heat, beige, belle, bib, black bread, blanch, blaze, bloom, boil, booze, braise, bread ... meer laten zien.

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