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1 unroll

Reverse the winding or twisting of.

synoniemen: unwind, wind off.

Roget 525: make manifest, render manifest etc. adj.; bring forth, bring forward, bring to the front, bring into view; give notice; express; represent, set forth, exhibit; show, ... meer laten zien

2 unroll

Unroll, unfold, or spread out or be unrolled, unfolded, or spread out from a furled state.

synoniem: unfurl.

Roget 313: counter-rotate, evolve; unfold, unroll, unwind, uncoil, untwist, unfurl, untwine, unravel; untangle, disentangle; develop.    ... meer laten zien

Nederlands: afrollen, afwikkelen, afwinden, loswikkelen, ontrollen, openrollen, uitrollen

Moby betekeniswoordenboek: bare, break the seal, bring to light, clear, deobstruct, develop, disclose, discover, dismask, draw the veil, expose, free, impart, lay bare, lay open, let daylight in, let out, manifest, open, open up ... meer laten zien.

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