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Roget-categorie 686

5. Words relating to the voluntary powers
5.3. Voluntary action
›› 5.3.1. Simple voluntary action

#686. Exertion

zelfstandig naamwoord

exertion, effort, strain, tug, pull, stress, throw, stretch, struggle, spell, spurt, spirtstroke of work, stitch of work.
a strong pull a long pull and a pull all a strong pull a long pull and a pull all together —" dead liftheftgymnasticsexercise, exercitationwear and tearadotoil and troubleuphill work, hard work, warm workharvest time.
labor, work, toil, travail, manual labor, sweat of one's brow, swink, drudgery, slavery, fagging, hammeringlimae labor [Lat.]industry, industriousness, operoseness, operosity.
trouble, pains, dutyresolution etc. 604energy etc. (physical) 171.


exert oneselfexert one's energies, tax one's energiesuse exertion.
labor, work, toil, moil, sweat, fag, drudge, slave, drag a lengthened chain, wade through, strive, stretch a long armpull, tug, plyply the oar, tug at the oardo the worktake the laboring oar bestir oneself (be active) 682take trouble, trouble oneself.
work hardrough itput forth one's strength, put forth a strong armfall to work, bend the bowbuckle to, set one's shoulder to the wheel etc. (resolution) 604work like a horse, work like a cart horse, work like a galley slave, work like a coal heaverlabor day and night, work day and nightredouble one's effortsdo double dutywork double hours, work double tidessit up, burn the candle at both endsstick to etc. (persevere) 604.1; work one's way, fight one's way, lay about one, hammer at.
take painsdo one's best, do one's level best, do one's utmostgive one hundred percent, do the best one can, do all one can, do all in one's power, do as much as in one lies, do what lies in one's poweruse one's best endeavor, use one's utmost endeavortry one's best, try one's utmostplay one's best cardput one's best leg foremost, put one's right leg foremosthave one's whole soul in his work, put all one's strength into, strain every nervespare no efforts, spare no painsgo all lengthsgo through fire and water etc. (resolution) 604move heaven and earth, leave no stone unturned.

bijvoeglijk naamwoord

laboring etc. v.. laborious, operose, elaboratestrainedtoilsome, troublesome, wearisomeuphillherculean, gymnastic, palestric.
hard-working, painstakingstrenuous, energetic.
hard at work, on the stretch.


laboriously etc. adj. — lustilypugnis et calcibus [Lat.]with might and main, with all one's might, with a strong hand, with a sledge hammer, with much adoto the best of one's abilities, totis viribus [Lat.], vi et armis [Lat.], manibus pedibusque [Lat.], tooth and nail, unguibus et rostro [Lat.], hammer and tongs, heart and soulthrough thick and thin etc. (perseverance) 604.1. by the sweat of one's brow, suo Marte.


aide-toi le ciel t'aidera [Fr.]and still be doing, never done" [Butler]; buen principio la mitad es hecha [Sp.]cosa ben fatta e' fatta due volie [It]it is better to wear out than to rust out" [Bp. Hornel]; labor omnia vincit [Lat.] [Vergil]; labor, wide as the earth, has its summit in labor, wide as the earth, has its summit in Heaven" [Carlyle]; le travail du corps delivre des peines de le travail du corps delivre des peines de l'esprit [Fr.]manu forti [Lat.]ora et labora [Lat.].

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