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Roget-categorie 682

5. Words relating to the voluntary powers
5.3. Voluntary action
›› 5.3.1. Simple voluntary action

#682. Activity

zelfstandig naamwoord

activitybriskness, liveliness etc. adj. — animation, life, vivacity, spirit, dash, energysnap, vim.
nimbleness, agilitysmartness, quickness etc. adj. — velocity, etc. 274alacrity, promptitudedespatch, dispatchexpeditionhaste etc. 684punctuality etc. (early) 132.
eagerness, zeal, ardor, perfervidum aingenium [Lat.], empressement [Fr.], earnestness, intentnessabandon vigor etc. (physical energy) 171devotion etc. (resolution) 604exertion etc. 686.
industry, assiduityassiduousness etc. adj. — sedulitylaboriousnessdrudgery etc. (labor) 686painstaking, diligenceperseverance etc. 604.1; indefatigationhabits of business.
vigilance etc. 459wakefulnesssleeplessness, restlessnessinsomniapervigilium, insomniumracketing.
movement, bustle, stir, fuss, ado, bother, pottering, fidget, fidgetiness flurry etc. (haste) 684.
officiousnessdabbling, meddlinginterference, interposition, intermeddlingtampering with, intrigue.
press of business, no sinecure, plenty to do, many irons in the fire, great doings, busy hum of men, battle of life, thick of the action.
housewife, busy beenew broomssharp fellow, sharp bladedevotee, enthusiast, zealot, meddler, intermeddler, intriguer, busybody, pickthankhummer, hustler, live man [U.S.], rustler [U.S.].


be active etc. adj. — busy oneself instir, stir about, stir one's stumpsbestir oneself, rouse oneselfspeed, hasten, peg away, lay about one, bustle, fussraise up, kick up a dustpushmake a push, make a fuss, make a stirgo ahead, push forwardfight one's way, elbow one's waymake progress etc. 282toll etc. (labor) 686plod, persist etc. (persevere) 604.1; keep up the ball, keep the pot boiling.
look sharphave all one's eyes about one etc. (vigilance) 459rise, arouse oneself, hustle, get up early, be about, keep moving, steal a march, kill two birds with one stoneseize the opportunity etc. 134, lose no time, not lose a moment, make the most of one's time, not suffer the grass to grow under one's feet, improve the shining hour, make short work ofdash offmake haste etc. 684do one's best take pains etc. (exert oneself) 686do wonders, work wonders.
have many irons in the fire, have one's hands full, have much on one's handshave other things to do, have other fish to frybe busynot have a moment to spare, not have a moment that one can call one's own.
have one's fling, run the round ofgo all lengths, stick at nothing, run riot.
outdooverdo, overact, overlay, overshoot the markmake a toil of a pleasure.
have a hand in etc. (act in) 680take an active part, put in one's oar, have a finger in the pie, mix oneself up with, trouble, one's head about, intrigueagitate.
tamper with, meddle, moilintermeddle, interfere, interposeobtrudepoke one's nose in, thrust one's nose in.

bijvoeglijk naamwoord

active, brisk, brisk as a lark, brisk as a beelively, animated, vivaciousalive, alive and kickingfrisky, spirited, stirring.
nimble, nimble as a squirrelagilelight-footed, nimble-footedfeatly, tripping.
quick, prompt, yare, instant, ready, alert, spry, sharp, smartfast etc. (swift) 274quick as a lamplighter, expeditiousawake, broad awakego-ahead, live wide-awake [U.S.] etc. (intelligent) 498.
forward, eager, strenuous, zealous, enterprising, in earnestresolute etc. 604.
industrious, assiduous, diligent, sedulous, notable, painstakingintent etc. (attention) 457indefatigable etc. (persevering) 604.1; unweariedunsleeping, never tiredplodding, hard-working etc. 686businesslike, workaday.
bustlingrestless, restless as a hyenafussy, fidgety, potteringbusy, busy as hen with one chicken.
working, at work, on duty, in harnessup in armson one's legs, at callup and doing, up and stirring.
busy, occupiedhard at work, hard at itup to one's ears in, full of business, busy as a bee, busy as a one-armed paperhanger.
meddling etc. v. — meddlesome, pushing, officious, overofficious, intrigant.
astir, stirringagoing, afooton footin full swingeventfulon the alert, etc. (vigilant) 459.


actively etc. adj. — with life and spirit, with might and main etc. 686, with haste etc. 684, with wingsfull tilt, in mediis rebus [Lat.].


be alive, look alive, look sharp!, move on, push on!, keep moving!, go ahead!, stir your stumps!, age quod agis! [Lat.], jaldi! , karo! , step lively!,


carpe diem [Lat.], seize the dayetc. (opportunity) 134 nulla dies sine linea [Lat.] [Pliny]; nec mora nec requies [Lat.] [Vergil]; the plot thickensNo sooner said than done etc. (early) 132veni vidi vici [Lat.]" [Suetonius]; catch a weasel asleepabends wird der Faule fleissig [G.]dictum ac factum [Lat.] [Terence]; schwere Arbeit in der Jugend ist sanfte Ruhe im schwere Arbeit in der Jugend ist sanfte Ruhe im Alter [G.], hard work in youth means soft rest in agethe busy hum of men" [Milton].

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