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narrowness. thinness

Roget-categorie 203

2. Words relating to space
2.2. Dimensions
›› 2.2.2. Linear dimensions

#203. Narrowness. Thinness

zelfstandig naamwoord

narrowness etc. adj. — closeness, exilityexiguity etc. (little) 193.
linehair's breadth, finger's breadthstrip, streak, vein.
monolayerepitaxial deposition [Eng.].
thinness etc. adj. — tenuityemaciation, macilency, marcor.
shaving, slip etc. (filament) 205 thread paper, skeleton, shadow, anatomy, spindleshanks, lantern jaws, mere skin and bone.
middle constriction, stricture, neck, waist, isthmus, wasp, hourglassridge, ghaut, ghat, passravine etc. 198.
narrowing, coarctation, angustation, taperingcontraction etc. 195.


be narrow etc. adj. — narrow, taper, contract etc. 195render narrow etc. adj. — waste away.

bijvoeglijk naamwoord

narrow, closeslender, thin, finethread-like etc. (filament) 205finespun, gossamerpaper-thintaper, slim, slight-madescant, scantyspare, delicate, incapaciouscontracted etc. 195unexpanded etc. (expand) etc. 194slender as a thread.
[in reference to people or animals] emaciated, lean, meager, gaunt, macilentlank, lankyweedy, skinnyscrawny slinky [U.S.]starved, starvelingherring guttedworn to a shadow, lean as a rake [Chaucer]; thin as a lath, thin as a whipping post, thin as a waferhatchet-facedlantern-jawed.
attenuated, shriveled, extenuated, tabid, marcid, barebone, rawboned.

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