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Roget-categorie 684

5. Words relating to the voluntary powers
5.3. Voluntary action
›› 5.3.1. Simple voluntary action

#684. Haste

zelfstandig naamwoord

haste, urgencydespatch, dispatchacceleration, spurt, spirt, forced march, rush, dashspeed, velocity etc. 274precipitancy, precipitation, precipitousness etc. adj. — impetuositybrusqueriehurry, drive, scramble, bustle, fuss, fidget, flurry, flutter, splutter.


haste, hastenmake haste, make a dash etc. n. — hurry on, dash on, whip on, push on, press on, press forwardhurry, skurry, scuttle along, barrel along, bundle on, dart to and fro, bustle, flutter, scrambleplunge, plunge headlongdash offrush etc. (violence) 173express.
bestir oneself etc. (be active) 682lose no time, lose not a moment, lose not an instantmake short work ofmake the best of one's time, make the best of one's way.
be precipitate etc. adj. — jump at, be in haste, be in a hurry etc. n. — have no time, have not a moment to lose, have not a moment to sparework against time.
quicken etc. 274accelerate, expedite, put on, precipitate, urge, whiprailroad.

bijvoeglijk naamwoord

hasty, hurried, brusquescrambling, cursory, precipitate, headlong, furious, boisterous, impetuous, hotheadedfeverish, fussypushing.
in haste, in a hurry etc. n. — in hot haste, in all hastebreathless, pressed for time, hard pressed, urgent.


with haste, with all haste, with breathless speedin haste etc. adj. — apace etc. (swiftly) 274amainall at once etc. (instantaneously) 113at short notice &c. — immediately etc. (early) 132posthasteby cable, by express, by telegraph, by forced marches.
hastily, precipitately etc. adj. — helter-skelter, hurry-skurry, holus-bolusslapdash, slap-bangfull-tilt, full driveheels over head, head and shoulders, headlong, a corps perdu [Fr.].
by fits and starts, by spurtshop skip and jump.


[panic] sauve qui peut [Fr.], every man for himself [Fr.Tr.], devil take the hindmost, no time to be lostno sooner said than done etc. (early) 132a word and a blow haste makes waste, maggiore fretta minore atto [It]ohne Hast aber ohne Rast [G.], [Goethe's motto]; stand not upon the order of your going but go at stand not upon the order of your going but go at once" [Macbeth]; swift, swift, you dragons of the night" [Cymbeline].

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