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1 expedite

Speed up the progress of; facilitate:
— This should expedite the process.

synoniem: hasten.

Roget 132: be early etc. adj., be beforehand etc. adv.; keep time, take time by the forelock, anticipate, forestall; have the start, gain the start; steal a march upon; gain time, ... meer laten zien

Roget 684: haste, hasten; make haste, make a dash etc. n.; hurry on, dash on, whip on, push on, press on, press forward; hurry, skurry, ... meer laten zien

2 expedite

Process fast and efficiently.

Nederlands: versnellen, in vaart brengen

Moby betekeniswoordenboek: accelerate, advance, advantage, aid, air-express, airfreight, airmail, boost, bundle, bustle, clear the way, conduce to, consign, contribute to, crowd, dispatch, drive on, drop a letter, ease, embark ... meer laten zien.

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