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bijvoeglijk naamwoord

1 uncertain

Lacking or indicating lack of confidence or assurance:
— Uncertain of his convictions.
— Moving with uncertain (or unsure) steps.
— An uncertain smile.
— Touched the ornaments with uncertain fingers.

synoniemen: incertain, unsure.

Roget 139: irregular, uncertain, unpunctual, capricious, desultory, fitful, flickering; rambling, rhapsodical; spasmodic; immethodical, unmethodical, variable.   

2 uncertain

Not established beyond doubt; still undecided or unknown.

3 uncertain

Not established or confirmed.

synoniem: unsealed.

4 uncertain

Not certain to occur; not inevitable.

5 uncertain

Subject to change:
— The weather is uncertain.

synoniemen: changeable, unsettled.

Roget 475: uncertain; casual; random etc. (aimless) 621; changeable etc. 149.    doubtful, dubious; indecisive; unsettled, undecided, ... meer laten zien

6 uncertain

Not consistent or dependable.

7 uncertain

Ambiguous (especially in the negative).

Moby betekeniswoordenboek: Pyrrhonic, adrift, afloat, agnostic, alternating, ambiguous, ambitendent, ambivalent, amorphous, amphibological, amphibolous, at a loss, at loose ends, blear, bleared, bleary, blurred, blurry, broken, capricious ... meer laten zien.

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