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Roget-categorie 653

5. Words relating to the voluntary powers
5.2. Prospective volition
›› 5.2.2. Subservience to ends

#653. Uncleanness

zelfstandig naamwoord

uncleanness etc. adj. — impurityimmundity, immundicityimpurity etc. 961 [of mind]. defilement, contamination etc. v. — defoedationsoilure, soilinessabominationleaventaint, tainturefetor etc. 401.
decayputrescence, putrefactioncorruptionmold, must, mildew, dry rot, mucor, rubigo.
slovenryslovenliness etc. adj. — squalor.
dowdy, drab, slut, malkin, slattern, sloven, slammerkin, slammock, slummock, scrub, draggle-tail, mudlark, dust-man, sweepbeast.
dirt, filth, soil, slopdust, cobweb, fluesmoke, soot, smudge, smut, grit, grime, raffsossle, sozzle.
sordes, dregs, grounds, lees argolsediment, settlement heeltapdross, drossinessmother, precipitate, scoriae, ashes, cinders.
recrement, slagscum, froth.
hogwashditchwater, dishwater, bilgewaterrinsings, cheeseparingssweepings etc. (useless refuse) 645offscourings, outscouringsoff scumcaput mortuum [Lat.], residuum, sprue, fecula [Lat.], clinker, draffscurf, scurfinessexuviae [Lat.], morpheafur, furfurdandruff, tartar.
riffraffvermin, louse, flea, bug, chinch.
mud, mire, quagmire, alluvium, silt, sludge, slime, slush, slosh, sposh [U.S.].
spawn, offal, gurry [U.S.]lienterygarbage, carrionexcreta etc. 299slough, peccant humor, pus, matter, suppuration, lienteriafaeces, feces, excrement, ordure, dung, crap [Vulg.], shit [Vulg.]sewage, seweragemuckcoproliteguano, manure, compost.
dunghill, colluvies, mixen, midden, bog, laystall, sink, privy, jakestoilet, john, headcess, cesspoolsump, sough, cloaca, latrines, drain, sewer, common sewerCloacinadust hole.
sty, pigsty, lair, den, Augean stable, sink of corruptionslum, rookery.


be unclean, become unclean etc. adj. — rot, putrefy, ferment, fester, rankle, reekstink etc. 401mold, moldergo bad etc. adj.. render unclean etc. adj. — dirt, dirtydaub, blot, blur, smudge, smutch, soil, smoke, tarnish, slaver, spot, smearsmirchbegreasedabble, drabble, draggle, dagglespatter, slubberbesmear &c., bemire, beslime, begrime, befoulsplash, stain, distain, maculate, sully, pollute, defile, debase, contaminate, taint, leavencorrupt etc. (injure) 659cover with dust etc. n. — drabble in the mudroil.
wallow in the mireslobber, slabber.

bijvoeglijk naamwoord

dirty, filthy, grimyunclean, impuresoiled etc. v. — not to be handled with kid glovesdusty, snuffy, smutty, sooty, smokythick, turbid, dreggyslimymussy [U.S.].
slovenly, untidy, messy, uncleanly.
[of people] unkempt, sluttish, dowdy, draggle-taileduncombed.
unscoured, unswept, unwiped, unwashed, unstrained, unpurifiedsqualidlutose, slammocky, slummocky, sozzly.
nasty, coarse, foul, offensive, abominable, beastly, reeky, reechyfetid etc. 401.
[of rotting living matter] decayed, moldy, musty, mildewed, rusty, moth-eaten, mucid, rancid, weak, bad, gone bad, etercoral, lentiginous, touched, fusty, effete, reasty, rotten, corrupt, tainted, high, flyblown, maggotyputrid, putrefactive, putrescent, putrefiedsaprogenic, saprogenouspurulent, carious, peccantfecal, feculentstercoraceous, excrementitiousscurfy, scurvy, impetiginousgory, bloodyrotting etc. v. — rotten as a pear, rotten as cheese.
crapulous etc. (intemperate) 954gross etc. (impure in mind) 961fimetarious, fimicolous.


they that touch pitch will be defiled" [Much Ado About Nothing].

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