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Roget-categorie 882

6. Words relating to the sentient and moral
6.2. Personal affections
›› 6.2.5. Extrinsic affections

#882. Ostentation

zelfstandig naamwoord

ostentation, display, show, flourish, parade, etalage [Fr.], pomp, array, state, solemnitydash, splash, splurge, glitter, strut, pompositypretense, pretensionsshowing offfuss.
magnificence, splendorcoup d'oeil [Fr.]grand doings.
coup de theatrestage effect, stage trickclaptrapmise en scene [Fr.]tour de force chic.
demonstration, flying colorstomfooleryflourish of trumpets etc. (celebration) 883pageant, pageantryspectacle, exhibition, exposition, processionturn out, set outgrand functionf=ete, gala, field day, review, march past, promenade, insubstantial pageant.
dresscourt dress, full dress, evening dress, ball dress, fancy dresstailoring, millinery, man millinery, frippery, foppery, equipage.
ceremony, ceremonialritualform, formalityetiquettepuncto [Lat.], punctilio, punctiliousnessstarched stateliness, stateliness.
mummery, solemn mockery, mouth honor.
attitudinarianfop etc. 854.


be ostentatious etc. adj. — come forward, put oneself forwardattract attention, star it.
cut a figure, make a dash, make a splash, make a splurge, cut a dash, cut a splash, cut a splurgefigure, figure awaymake a show, make a displayglitter.
show off, show off one's pacesparade, march pastdisplay, exhibit, put forward, hold uptrot out, hand outsport, brandish, blazon forthdangle, dangle before the eyes.
cry up etc. (praise) 931proner [Fr.], flaunt, emblazon, prink, set off, mount, have framed and glazed.
put a good face upon, put a smiling face uponclean the outside of the platter etc. (disguise) 544.

bijvoeglijk naamwoord

ostentatious, showy, dashing, pretentiousjanty, jauntygrand, pompous, palatialhigh-soundingturgid etc. (big-sounding) 577gairish, garishgaudy, gaudy as a peacock, gaudy as a butterfly, gaudy as a tulipflaunting, flashing, flaming, glitteringgay etc. (ornate) 847.
splendid, magnificent, sumptuous.
theatrical, dramatic, spectacularceremonial, ritual.
solemn, stately, majestic, formal, stiff, ceremonious, punctilious, starched.
dressed to kill, dressed to the nines, decjed out, all decked out, en granite tenue [Fr.], in best bib and tucker, in Sunday best, endimanch_e, chic.


with flourish of trumpet, with beat of drum, with flying colors.
ad captandum vulgus [Lat.].


honores mutant mores [Lat.].

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