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Roget-categorie 972

6. Words relating to the sentient and moral
6.4. Moral affections
›› 6.4.5. Moral institutions

#972. Punishment

zelfstandig naamwoord

punishment, punitionchastisement, chasteningcorrection, castigation.
discipline, infliction, trialjudgmentpenalty etc. 974retributionthunderbolt, Nemesisrequital etc. (reward) 973penologyretributive justice.
lash, scaffold etc. (instrument of punishment) 975imprisonment etc. (restraint) 751transportation, banishment, expulsion, exile, involuntary exile, ostracism penal servitude, hard laborgalleys etc. 975beating etc. v. — flagellation, fustigation, gantlet, strappado, estrapade, bastinado, argumentum baculinum [Lat.], stick law, rap on the knuckles, box on the earblow etc. (impulse) 276stripe, cuff, kick, buffet, pummelslap, slap in the facewipe, dousecoup de gracetorture, rackpicket, picketingdragonnade.
capital punishmentexecutionlethal injectionthe gas chamberhanging etc. v. — electrocution, rail-riding, scarpinesdecapitation, decollationgarrotte, garrotto [It]crucifixion, impalementfiring squadmartyrdomauto-da-fe [Fr.]noyadehappy dispatch.
[suicide as punishment] hara-kiri, seppuku [Jap.]drinking the hemlock.


punishchastise, chastencastigate, correct, inflict punishment, administer correction, deal retributive justicecowhide, lambaste [Slang].
visit upon, paypay out, serve outdo formake short work of, give a lesson to, serve one right, make an example ofhave a rod in pickle forgive it one.
strike etc. 276deal a blow to, administer the lash, smiteslap, slap the facesmack, cuff, box the ears, spank, thwack, thump, beat, lay on, swinge, buffetthresh, thrash, pummel, drub, leather, trounce, sandbag, baste, belaborlace, lace one's jacketdress, dress down, give a dressing, trim, warm, wipe, tund, cob, bang, strap, comb, lash, lick, larrup, wallop, whop, flog, scourge, whip, birch, cane, give the stick, switch, flagellate, horsewhip, bastinado, towel, rub down with an oaken towel, rib roast, dust one's jacket, fustigate, pitch into, lay about one, beat black and bluebeat to a mummy, beat to a jellygive a black eye.
tar and featherpelt, stone, lapidatemasthead, keelhaul.
executebring to the block, bring to the gallowsbehead, decapitate, guillotinedecollatehang, turn off, gibbet, bowstring, hang draw and quartershootdecimateburnbreak on the wheel, crucifyempale, impaleflaylynchelectrocutegas, send to the gas chamber.
tortureput on, put to the rackpicket.
banish, exile, transport, expel, ostracizerusticatedrum outdismiss, disbar, disbenchstrike off the roll, unfrockpost.
suffer, suffer for, suffer punishmentbe flogged.
be executed, suffer the ultimate penaltybe hanged &c. — come to the gallows, mount the gallows, swing [Coll.], twist in the wind, dance upon nothing, die in one's shoesbe rightly servedbe electrocuted, fry [Coll.], ride the lightning [Coll.]face the firing squad.

bijvoeglijk naamwoord

punishing etc. v. — penalpunitory, punitiveinflictive, castigatorypunished etc. v..


a la lanterne! [Fr.],


culpan paena premit comes [Lat.] [Horace]; eating the bitter bread of banishment" [Richard II]; gravis ira regum est semper [Lat.] [Seneca]; sera tamen tacitis paena venit pedibus [Lat.] [Tibullus]; suo sibi gladio hunc jugulo [Lat.] [Terence].

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