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zelfstandig naamwoord

1 sandbag

A bag filled with sand; used as a weapon or to build walls or as ballast.

Roget 717: defense, protection, guard, ward; shielding etc. v.; propugnation, preservation etc. 670; guardianship.    area defense; ... meer laten zien

Roget 727: arm, arms; weapon, deadly weapon; armament, armaments, armature; panoply, stand of arms; armor etc. (defense) 717; armory ... meer laten zien

Nederlands: zandzak


1 sandbag

Treat harshly or unfairly.

Roget 972: punish; chastise, chasten; castigate, correct, inflict punishment, administer correction, deal retributive justice; cowhide, lambaste [Slang].    visit upon, pay; pay out, serve out; ... meer laten zien

2 sandbag

Compel by coercion, threats, or crude means:
— They sandbagged him to make dinner for everyone.

synoniemen: dragoon, railroad.

3 sandbag

Hit something or somebody as if with a sandbag.

synoniem: stun.

4 sandbag

Downplay one's ability (towards others) in a game in order to deceive, as in gambling.

5 sandbag

Protect or strengthen with sandbags; stop up.

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