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Roget-categorie 821

6. Words relating to the sentient and moral
6.1. Affections in general

#821. Feeling

zelfstandig naamwoord

feelingsuffering etc. v. — endurance, tolerance, sufferance, supportance, experience, responsesympathy etc. (love) 897impression, inspiration, affection, sensation, emotion, pathos, deep sense.
warmth, glow, unction, gusto, vehemencefervor, fervencyheartiness, cordialityearnestness, eagernessempressement [Fr.], gush, ardor, zeal, passion, enthusiasm, verve, furore, fanaticismexcitation of feeling etc. 824fullness of the heart etc. (disposition) 820passion etc. (state of excitability) 825ecstasy etc. (pleasure) 827.
blush, suffusion, flushhectictingling, thrill, turn, shockagitation etc. (irregular motion) 315quiver, heaving, flutter, flurry, fluster, twitter, tremorthrob, throbbingpulsation, palpitation, pantingtrepidation, perturbationruffle, hurry of spirits, pother, stew, fermentstate of excitement.


feelreceive an impression etc. n. — be impressed with etc. adj. — entertain feeling, harbor feeling, cherish feeling etc. n.. respondcatch the flame, catch the infectionenter the spirit of.
bear, suffer, support, sustain, endure, thole [Scot.], abyabide etc. (be composed) 826experience etc. (meet with) 151taste, provelabor under, smart underbear the brunt of, brave, stand.
swell, glow, warm, flush, blush, change color, mantleturn color, turn pale, turn red, turn black in the facetingle, thrill, heave, pant, throb, palpitate, go pitapat, tremble, quiver, flutter, twittershake etc. 315be agitated, be excited etc. 824look blue, look blackwincedraw a deep breath.
impress etc. (excite the feelings) 824.

bijvoeglijk naamwoord

feeling etc. v. — sentientsensuoussensorial, sensoryemotive, emotionalof feeling, with feeling etc. n.. warm, quick, lively, smart, strong, sharp, acute, cutting, piercing, incisivekeen, keen as a razortrenchant, pungent, racy, piquant, poignant, caustic.
impressive, deep, profound, indelibledeep felt, home felt, heartfeltswelling, soul-stirring, deep-mouthed, heart-expanding, electric, thrilling, rapturous, ecstatic.
earnest, wistful, eager, breathlessferventfervidgushing, passionate, warm-hearted, hearty, cordial, sincere, zealous, enthusiastic, glowing, ardent, burning, red-hot, fiery, flamingboiling over.
pervading, penetrating, absorbingrabid, raving, feverish, fanatical, hystericalimpetuous etc. (excitable) 825.
impressed with, moved with, touched with, affected with, penetrated with, seized with, imbued with etc. 82devoured bywrought up etc. (excited) 824struck all of a heapraptin a quiver etc. n. — enraptured etc. 829.


heart and soul, from the bottom of one's heart, ab imo pectore [Lat.], at heart, con amore [It], heartily, devoutly, over head and ears, head over heels.


the heart big, the heart full, the heart swelling, the heart beating, the heart pulsating, the heart throbbing, the heart thumping, the heart beating high, the heart melting, the heart overflowing, the heart bursting, the heart breakingthe heart goes out, a heart as big as all outdoors (sympathy) 897.

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