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zelfstandig naamwoord

1 craftiness

Shrewdness as demonstrated by being skilled in deception.

synoniemen: craft, cunning, foxiness, guile, slyness, wiliness.

Roget 698: skill, skillfulness, address; dexterity, dexterousness; adroitness, expertness etc. adj.; proficiency, competence, technical competence, craft, callidity, ... meer laten zien

Roget 702: cunning, craft; cunningness, craftiness etc. adj.; subtlety, artificiality; maneuvering etc. v.; temporization; circumvention.    chicane, ... meer laten zien

Nederlands: slinksheid

2 craftiness

The quality of being crafty.

synoniemen: deceitfulness, guile.

Pools: cwaność

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