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zelfstandig naamwoord

1 honeycomb

A structure of small hexagonal cells constructed from beeswax by bees and used to store honey and larvae.

Roget 252a: sponge, honeycomb, network; frit [Chem], filter.    sieve, net, screen (opening) 260.   

Roget 260: hole, foramen; puncture, perforation; fontanel; transforation; pinhole, keyhole, loophole, porthole, peephole, mousehole, pigeonhole; eye of a needle; ... meer laten zien

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Roget 252: concavity, depression, dip; hollow, hollowness; indentation, intaglio, cavity, dent, dint, dimple, follicle, pit, sinus, ... meer laten zien

Pools: plaster

2 honeycomb

A framework of hexagonal cells resembling the honeycomb built by bees.


1 honeycomb

Carve a honeycomb pattern into.

2 honeycomb

Penetrate thoroughly and into every part.

3 honeycomb

Make full of cavities, like a honeycomb.

Moby betekeniswoordenboek: alveolation, alveolus, ambrosia, artificial sweetener, auger, bespread, bite, blackstrap, bore, broach, calcium cyclamate, cane syrup, clover honey, colander, comb honey, corn syrup, countersink, crawl with, creep with, cribble ... meer laten zien.

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