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zelfstandig naamwoord

1 fret

Agitation resulting from active worry.

synoniemen: lather, stew, sweat, swither.

Roget 847: ornament, ornamentation, ornamental art; ornature, ornateness; adornment, decoration, embellishment; architecture; jewelry etc. 847.1. [surface coatings for wood: list] garnish, ... meer laten zien

Roget 828: mental suffering, pain, dolor; suffering, sufferance; ache, smart etc. (physical pain) 378; passion.    displeasure, dissatisfaction, discomfort, ... meer laten zien

2 fret

A spot that has been worn away by abrasion or erosion.

synoniem: worn spot.

3 fret

An ornamental pattern consisting of repeated vertical and horizontal lines (often in relief):
— There was a simple fret at the top of the walls.

synoniemen: Greek fret, Greek key, key pattern.

4 fret

A small bar of metal across the fingerboard of a musical instrument; when the string is stopped by a finger at the metal bar it will produce a note of the desired pitch.

Pools: bont, prĂ³g


1 fret

Worry unnecessarily or excessively.

synoniemen: fuss, niggle.

Roget 837: be dejected etc. adj.; grieve; mourn etc. (lament) 839; take on, give way, lose heart, despond, droop, sink.    ... meer laten zien

Roget 847: ornament, embellish, enrich, decorate, adorn, bead, beautify, adonize.    smarten, furbish, polish, gild, varnish, whitewash, ... meer laten zien

Roget 839: lament, mourn, deplore, grieve, weep over; bewail, bemoan; condole with etc. 915; fret etc. (suffer) 828; ... meer laten zien

2 fret

Be agitated or irritated.

Nederlands: bewerken, doorzagen met een figuurzaag, ongerust zijn, piekeren, verslinden, vreten, zich zorgen maken

3 fret

Provide (a musical instrument) with frets.

4 fret

Become or make sore by or as if by rubbing.

synoniemen: chafe, gall.

Roget 830: cause pain, occasion pain, give pain, bring pain, induce pain, produce pain, create pain, inflict pain etc. 828; pain, hurt, wound.    pinch, ... meer laten zien

Roget 900: resent, take amiss, take ill, take to heart, take offense, take umbrage, take huff, take exception; take in ill part, take in bad part, take in dudgeon; ne pas entendre raillerie [Fr.]; breathe revenge, cut up rough.    ... meer laten zien

Roget 828: feel pain, suffer pain, experience pain, undergo pain, bear pain, endure pain etc. n., smart, ache etc. (physical pain) 378; suffer, ... meer laten zien

Roget 378: feel pain, experience pain, suffer pain, undergo pain etc. n.; suffer, ache, smart, bleed; tingle, shoot; twinge, ... meer laten zien

Roget 832: be discontented etc. adj.; quarrel with one's bread and butter; repine; regret etc. 833; wish one at the bottom of the Red Sea; take on, take to heart; shrug the shoulders; make a wry face, pull a long face; ... meer laten zien

5 fret

Cause annoyance in.

6 fret

Gnaw into; make resentful or angry.

synoniemen: eat into, grate, rankle.

Nederlands: irriteren, knagen, steken

7 fret

Carve a pattern into.

8 fret

Decorate with an interlaced design.

9 fret

Be too tight; rub or press.

synoniemen: choke, gag.

10 fret

Cause friction.

synoniemen: chafe, fray, rub, scratch.

Nederlands: aanlopen, oplopen

11 fret

Remove soil or rock.

synoniemen: eat away, erode.

Nederlands: ondermijnen

12 fret

Wear away or erode.

synoniem: eat away.

Moby betekeniswoordenboek: ablate, abrade, abrase, ache, achievement, aching, afflict, aggravate, agitate, agonize, ail, air a grievance, alerion, angina, animal charge, annoy, annulet, arabesque, argent, armorial bearings ... meer laten zien.

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