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1 penetrate

Pass into or through, often by overcoming resistance:
— The bullet penetrated her chest.

synoniem: perforate.

Roget 498: be intelligent etc. adj.; have all one's wits about one; understand etc. (intelligible) 518; catch an idea, take in an idea; take a joke, take a hint.    see through, see at a glance, ... meer laten zien

Roget 824: excite, affect, touch, move, impress, strike, interest, animate, inspire, impassion, smite, infect; stir the blood, fire the blood, ... meer laten zien

2 penetrate

Come to understand.

synoniemen: bottom, fathom.

3 penetrate

Become clear or enter one's consciousness or emotions:
— She was penetrated with sorrow.

synoniemen: click, come home, dawn, fall into place, get across, get through, sink in.

4 penetrate

Enter a group or organization in order to spy on the members.

synoniem: infiltrate.

5 penetrate

Make one's way deeper into or through.

Nederlands: doordringen

6 penetrate

Insert the penis into the vagina or anus of.

7 penetrate

Spread or diffuse through:
— Music penetrated the entire building.

synoniemen: diffuse, imbue, interpenetrate, permeate, pervade, riddle.

Roget 302: pass, pass through; perforate etc. (hole) 260; penetrate, permeate, thread, thrid, enfilade; go through, go across; go over, ... meer laten zien

Roget 294: have the entree; enter; go into, go in, come into, come in, pour into, pour in, flow into, flow in, creep into, creep in, slip into, slip in, ... meer laten zien

Nederlands: diffuus, doordringen

Moby betekeniswoordenboek: affect, auger, be glimpsed, be hep to, be on to, be realized, be remembered, be wise to, benumb, bespread, besprinkle, bite, bore, breathe, brew, broach, catch on to, charge, chill, color ... meer laten zien.

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