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naar bijbehorend lemma

naar bijbehorend lemma


bijvoeglijk naamwoord

1 resolute

Firm in purpose or belief; characterized by firmness and determination.

Roget 682: active, brisk, brisk as a lark, brisk as a bee; lively, animated, vivacious; alive, alive and kicking; frisky, spirited, stirring.    nimble, nimble as a squirrel; ... meer laten zien

Roget 861: courageous, brave; valiant, valorous; gallant, intrepid; spirited, spiritful; high-spirited, high-mettled; mettlesome, plucky; manly, manful; ... meer laten zien

Pools: stanowczy, kategoryczny, zdecydowany

2 resolute

Characterized by quickness and firmness.

synoniem: unhesitating.

Roget 604: resolved etc. v.; determined; strong-willed, strong-minded; resolute etc. (brave) 861; self-possessed; decided, definitive, peremptory, ... meer laten zien

Pools: zdecydowany, kategoryczny, stanowczy

Moby betekeniswoordenboek: abandoned, adamant, afire, ardent, assiduous, bent, bold, bound, bound and determined, bulldog, bulldoggish, burning, changeless, committed, constant, continuing, dauntless, decided, decisive, dedicated ... meer laten zien.

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