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zelfstandig naamwoord

1 romance

A relationship between two lovers.

synoniem: love affair.

Roget 594: description, account, statement, report; expose etc. (disclosure) 529; specification, particulars; state of facts, summary of facts; brief ... meer laten zien

Roget 546: untruth, falsehood, lie, story, thing that is not, fib, bounce, crammer, taradiddle, whopper; jhuth.    forgery, fabrication, invention; ... meer laten zien

Roget 497: absurdity, absurdness etc. adj.; imbecility etc. 499; alogy, nonsense, utter nonsense; paradox, inconsistency; stultiloquy, ... meer laten zien

Nederlands: affaire, amourette, avontuurtje, liaison, liefdesaffaire, liefdesbetrekking, liefdesgeschiedenis, liefdesrelatie, liefdesverhouding, relatie ... meer laten zien
Pools: przygoda, romans, amory

2 romance

An exciting and mysterious quality (as of a heroic time or adventure).

synoniem: romanticism.

Roget 515: imagination; originality; invention; fancy; inspiration; verve.    warm imagination, heated imagination, excited imagination, sanguine imagination, ardent imagination, fiery imagination, boiling imagination, wild imagination, ... meer laten zien

Pools: romantyka

3 Romance

The group of languages derived from Latin.

synoniemen: Latinian language, Romance language.

4 romance

A story dealing with love.

synoniem: love story.

Nederlands: romance

5 romance

A novel dealing with idealized events remote from everyday life.

Nederlands: romance
Pools: romans


1 romance

Make amorous advances towards.

synoniemen: court, solicit, woo.

2 romance

Have a love affair with.

3 romance

Talk or behave amorously, without serious intentions.

synoniemen: butterfly, chat up, coquet, coquette, dally, flirt, mash, philander.

Roget 544: be false etc. adj., be a liar etc. 548; speak falsely etc. adv.; tell a lie etc. 546; lie, fib; ... meer laten zien

Nederlands: flirten, koketteren, sjansen

4 romance

Tell romantic or exaggerated lies.

bijvoeglijk naamwoord

1 Romance

Relating to languages derived from Latin:
— Romance languages.

synoniem: Latin.

Moby betekeniswoordenboek: Marchen, Western, Western story, Westerner, adulterous affair, adultery, adventure, adventure story, affair, allegorize, allegory, amor, amour, apologue, apparition, autism, autistic thinking, balderdash, bedtime story, brainchild ... meer laten zien.

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