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Roget-categorie 828

6. Words relating to the sentient and moral
6.2. Personal affections
›› 6.2.1. Passive affections

#828. Pain

zelfstandig naamwoord

mental suffering, pain, dolorsuffering, sufferanceache, smart etc. (physical pain) 378passion.
displeasure, dissatisfaction, discomfort, discomposure, disquietmalaiseinquietude, uneasiness, vexation of spirittakingdiscontent etc. 832.
dejection etc. 837weariness etc. 841anhedonia.
annoyance, irritation, worry, infliction, visitationplague, borebother, botherationstew, vexation, mortification, chagrin, esclandre [Fr.]mauvais quart d'heur [Fr.].
care, anxiety, solicitude, trouble, trial, ordeal, fiery ordeal, shock, blow, cark, dole, fret, burden, load.
concern, grief, sorrow, distress, affliction, woe, bitterness, heartachecarking caresheavy heart, aching heart, bleeding heart, broken heartheavy affliction, gnawing grief.
unhappiness, infelicity, misery, tribulation, wretchedness, desolationdespair etc. 859extremity, prostration, depth of misery.
nightmare, ephialtes, incubus.
pang, anguish, agonytorture, torment purgatory etc. (hell) 982.
hell upon earthiron age, reign of terrorslough of despond etc. (adversity) 735peck of troublesills that flesh is heir to" etc. (evil) 619 [Hamlet]; miseries of human lifeunkindest cut of all" [Julius Caesar]. sufferer, victim, prey, martyr, object of compassion, wretch, shorn lamb.


feel pain, suffer pain, experience pain, undergo pain, bear pain, endure pain etc. n., smart, ache etc. (physical pain) 378suffer, bleed, ailbe the victim of.
labor under afflictionsbear the crossquaff the bitter cup, have a bad time of itfall on evil days etc. (adversity) 735go hard with, come to grief, fall a sacrifice to, drain the cup of misery to the dregs, sup full of horrors" [Macbeth]. sit on thorns, be on pins and needles, wince, fret, chafe, worry oneself, be in a taking, fret and fumetake on, take to heartcark.
grievemourn etc. (lament) 839yearn, repine, pine, droop, languish, sinkgive waydespair etc. 859break one's heartweigh upon the heart etc. (inflict pain) 830.

bijvoeglijk naamwoord

in pain, in a state of pain, full of pain etc. n. — suffering etc. v. — pained, afflicted, worried, displeased etc. 830aching, griped, sore etc. (physical pain) 378on the rack, in limbobetween hawk and buzzard.
uncomfortable, uneasyill at easein a taking, in a waydisturbeddiscontented etc. 832out of humor etc. 901.1; weary etc. 841.
heavy laden, stricken, crushed, a prey to, victimized, ill-used.
unfortunate etc. (hapless) 735to be pitied, doomed, devoted, accursed, undone, lost, strandedfey.
unhappy, infelicitous, poor, wretched, miserable, woe-begonecheerless etc. (dejected) 837careworn.
concerned, sorrysorrowing, sorrowfulcut up, chagrined, horrified, horror-strickenin grief, plunged in grief, a prey to grief etc. n. — in tears etc. (lamenting) 839steeped to the lips in miseryheart-stricken, heart-broken, heart-scaldedbroken-heartedin despair etc. 859.


the iron entered into our soul —" haeret lateri lethalis arundo [Lat.] [Vergil]; one's heart bleedingdown, thou climbing sorrow" [Lear]; mirth cannot move a soul in agony" [Love's Labor's Lost]; nessun maggior dolere che ricordarsi del tempo nessun maggior dolere che ricordarsi del tempo felice nella miseria [It]sorrow's crown of sorrow is remembering happier sorrow's crown of sorrow is remembering happier things" [Tennyson]; the Niobe of Nations" [Byron].

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