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naar bijbehorend lemma

naar bijbehorend lemma

naar bijbehorend lemma

naar bijbehorend lemma

naar bijbehorend lemma

naar bijbehorend lemma


bijvoeglijk naamwoord

1 grim

Not to be placated or appeased or moved by entreaty:
— Grim determination.
— Grim necessity.

synoniemen: inexorable, relentless, stern, unappeasable, unforgiving, unrelenting.

Roget 895: discourteous, uncourteous; uncourtly; ill-bred, ill-mannered, ill-behaved, ill-conditioned; unbred; unmannerly, unmannered; impolite, unpolite; unpolished, uncivilized, ... meer laten zien

Roget 901a: sullen, sulky; ill-tempered, ill-humored, ill-affected, ill-disposed; grouty [U.S.]; in an ill temper, in a bad temper, in a shocking temper, in an ill humor, in a bad humor, in a shocking humor; ... meer laten zien

2 grim

Shockingly repellent; inspiring horror:
— The grim aftermath of the bombing.
— The grim task of burying the victims.

synoniemen: ghastly, grisly, gruesome, macabre, sick.

Roget 846: ugly, ugly as sin, ugly as a toad, ugly as a scarecrow, ugly as a dead monkey; plain, bald (unadorned) 849; homely; ordinary, unornamental, inartistic; unsightly, ... meer laten zien

3 grim

Harshly ironic or sinister:
— A grim joke.
— Grim laughter.

synoniemen: black, mordant.

4 grim

Harshly uninviting or formidable in manner or appearance:
— A grim man loving duty more than humanity.
— Undoubtedly the grimmest part of him was his iron claw.

synoniemen: dour, forbidding.

5 grim

Filled with melancholy and despondency:
— Took a grim view of the economy.

synoniemen: blue, depressed, dispirited, down, down in the mouth, downcast, downhearted, gloomy, low, low-spirited.

Pools: posępny, chmurny, ponury

6 grim

Causing dejection:
— Grim rainy weather.

synoniemen: blue, dark, dingy, disconsolate, dismal, drab, drear, dreary, gloomy, sorry.

Roget 830: causing pain, hurting etc. v.; hurtful etc. (bad) 649; painful; dolorific, dolorous; unpleasant; unpleasing, ... meer laten zien

Roget 837: cheerless, joyless, spiritless; uncheerful, uncheery; unlively; unhappy etc. 828; melancholy, dismal, somber, dark, ... meer laten zien

Pools: mroczny

Moby betekeniswoordenboek: Spartan, Spartanic, adamant, adamantine, affording no hope, alarming, anguished, anxious, apathetic, appalling, astounding, astringent, atrocious, austere, authoritarian, awe-inspiring, awesome, awful, baneful, barbarous ... meer laten zien.

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