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zelfstandig naamwoord

1 raise

The amount a salary is increased:
— He got a 3% raise.

synoniemen: hike, rise, salary increase, wage hike, wage increase.

Nederlands: loonsverhoging, opslag, salarisverhoging

2 raise

An upward slope or grade (as in a road).

synoniemen: acclivity, ascent, climb, rise, upgrade.

Nederlands: helling, klim

3 raise

Increasing the size of a bet (as in poker).

4 raise

The act of raising something:
— Fireman learn several different raises for getting ladders up.

synoniemen: heave, lift.

Pools: dźwignięcie, podźwignięcie


1 raise

Raise the level or amount of something.

2 raise

Raise from a lower to a higher position:
— Raise your hands.

synoniemen: bring up, elevate, get up, lift.

Roget 250: be prominent etc. adj.; project, bulge, protrude, pout, bouge [Fr.], bunch; jut out, stand out, stick out, poke out; stick up, ... meer laten zien

Roget 305: ascend, rise, mount, arise, uprise; go up, get up, work one's way up, start up; shoot up, go into orbit; float up; bubble up; aspire.    ... meer laten zien

Roget 307: heighten, elevate, raise, lift, erect; set up, stick up, perch up, perk up, tilt up; rear, hoist, heave; ... meer laten zien

Nederlands: opvoeden, heffen, opheffen, optillen, tillen

3 raise

Cause to be heard or known; express or utter.

4 raise

Collect funds for a specific purpose.

Nederlands: inzamelen

5 raise

Cultivate by growing, often involving improvements by means of agricultural techniques:
— We raise hogs here.

synoniemen: farm, grow, produce.

6 raise

Look after a child until it is an adult:
— Raise a family.

synoniemen: bring up, nurture, parent, rear.

7 raise

Summon into action or bring into existence, often as if by magic:
— Raise the specter of unemployment.

synoniemen: arouse, bring up, call down, call forth, conjure, conjure up, evoke, invoke, put forward, stir.

Nederlands: goochelen, ontbieden, oproepen, toveren, zwarte magie beoefenen

8 raise

Move upwards.

synoniem: lift.

9 raise

Construct, build, or erect:
— Raise a barn.

synoniemen: erect, put up, rear, set up.

Roget 161: produce, perform, operate, do, make, gar, form, construct, fabricate, frame, contrive, manufacture; weave, ... meer laten zien

Nederlands: optrekken

10 raise

Call forth (emotions, feelings, and responses):
— Raise a smile.

synoniemen: arouse, elicit, enkindle, evoke, fire, kindle, provoke.

Roget 824: excite, affect, touch, move, impress, strike, interest, animate, inspire, impassion, smite, infect; stir the blood, fire the blood, ... meer laten zien

Nederlands: ontlokken, bovenhalen, evoceren, evoqueren, oproepen, wekken

11 raise

Create a disturbance, especially by making a great noise.

12 raise

Raise in rank or condition.

synoniemen: elevate, lift.

13 raise


synoniemen: enhance, heighten.

Roget 35: increase, augment, add to, enlarge; dilate etc. (expand) 194; grow, wax, get ahead.    gain strength; advance; run up, ... meer laten zien

14 raise

Give a promotion to or assign to a higher position.

synoniemen: advance, elevate, kick upstairs, promote, upgrade.

15 raise

Cause to puff up with a leaven.

synoniemen: leaven, prove.

16 raise

Bid (one's partner's suit) at a higher level.

17 raise

Bet more than the previous player.

18 raise

Cause to assemble or enlist in the military:
— Raise an army.

synoniemen: levy, recruit.

19 raise

Put forward for consideration or discussion:
— Raise the question of promotions.

synoniem: bring up.

20 raise

Pronounce (vowels) by bringing the tongue closer to the roof of the mouth.

21 raise

Activate or stir up.

22 raise

Establish radio communications with.

23 raise

Multiply (a number) by itself a specified number of times: 8 is 2 raised to the power 3.

Nederlands: loonsverhoging, salarisverhoging, loonstijging

24 raise

Bring (a surface or a design) into relief and cause to project.

Nederlands: op de been brengen

25 raise

Invigorate or heighten.

synoniem: lift.

26 raise

Put an end to:
— Raise a siege.

synoniem: lift.

27 raise

Cause to become alive again:
— Raise from the dead.

synoniemen: resurrect, upraise.

Moby betekeniswoordenboek: Olympian heights, abandon, abet, access, accession, accretion, accrual, accruement, acculturate, accumulate, accumulation, acme, add to, addition, advance, advancement, aerial heights, agglomerate, aggrandize, aggrandizement ... meer laten zien.

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