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naar bijbehorend lemma

naar bijbehorend lemma

naar bijbehorend lemma

naar bijbehorend lemma

naar bijbehorend lemma


zelfstandig naamwoord

1 perfect

A tense of verbs used in describing action that has been completed (sometimes regarded as perfective aspect).

synoniemen: perfect tense, perfective, perfective tense.

Pools: czas typu Perfect


1 perfect

Make perfect or complete:
— Perfect your French in Paris!.

synoniem: hone.

Roget 650: be perfect etc. adj.; transcend etc. (be supreme) 33.    bring to perfection, perfect, ripen, mature; complete etc. 729; ... meer laten zien

Roget 729: effect, effectuate; accomplish, achieve, compass, consummate, hammer out; bring to maturity, bring to perfection; perfect, complete; elaborate.    do, execute, ... meer laten zien

Nederlands: verfijnen

bijvoeglijk naamwoord

1 perfect

Being complete of its kind and without defect or blemish.

Pools: doskonaƂy, idealny

2 perfect

Without qualification; used informally as (often pejorative) intensifiers:
— A perfect idiot.

synoniemen: arrant, complete, consummate, double-dyed, everlasting, gross, pure, sodding, staring, stark ... meer laten zien.

Roget 650: perfect, faultless; indefective, indeficient, indefectible; immaculate, spotless, impeccable; free from imperfection etc. 651; unblemished, uninjured etc. ... meer laten zien

Roget 52: complete, entire; whole etc. 50; perfect etc. 650; full, good, absolute, thorough, plenary; solid, ... meer laten zien

Roget 31: great; greater etc. 33; large, considerable, fair, above par; big, huge etc. (large in size) 192; ... meer laten zien

3 perfect

Precisely accurate or exact.

Moby betekeniswoordenboek: KO, OK, absolute, accomplish, accomplished, accurate, achieve, adept, admitting no exception, adroit, all right, all-embracing, all-encompassing, all-out, all-pervading, ameliorate, aorist, appropriate, apt, arrant ... meer laten zien.

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