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zelfstandig naamwoord

1 service

Work done by one person or group that benefits another.

Roget 998: rite; ceremony, ritual, liturgy, ceremonial; ordinance, observance, function, duty; form, formulary; solemnity, sacrament; incantation ... meer laten zien

Roget 749: subjection; dependence, dependency; subordination; thrall, thralldom, thraldom, enthrallment, subjugation, bondage, serfdom; feudalism, feudality; ... meer laten zien

Roget 722: warfare; fighting etc. v.; hostilities; war, arms, the sword; Mars, Bellona, grim visaged war, horrida bella [Lat.]; bloodshed.    appeal to arms, ... meer laten zien

Roget 625: business, occupation, employment; pursuit etc. 622; what one is doing, what one is about; affair, concern, matter, case.    matter in hand, ... meer laten zien

Roget 618: good, benefit, advantage; improvement etc. 658; greatest good, supreme good; interest, service, behoof, behalf; weal; main chance, ... meer laten zien

Pools: usługa obca

2 service

An act of help or assistance.

Nederlands: bediening

3 service

The act of public worship following prescribed rules:
— The Sunday service.

synoniemen: divine service, religious service.

Roget 990: worship, adoration, devotion, aspiration, homage, service, humiliation; kneeling, genuflection, prostration.    prayer, invocation, supplication, rogation, ... meer laten zien

Nederlands: dienst, eredienst, godsdienstoefening, godsdienstplechtigheid, kerkdienst, liturgie, viering
Pools: nabożeństwo

4 service

A company or agency that performs a public service; subject to government regulation.

Nederlands: bediening, dienst, wegrestaurant
Pools: służba

5 service

Employment in or work for another.

Pools: służba

6 service

A force that is a branch of the armed forces.

synoniemen: armed service, military service.

7 Service

Canadian writer (born in England) who wrote about life in the Yukon Territory (1874-1958).

synoniem: Robert William Service.

8 service

A means of serving.

synoniemen: avail, help.

Roget 677: use; employ, employment; exercise, exercitation; application, appliance; adhibition, disposal; consumption; agency etc. (physical) 170; ... meer laten zien

Roget 644: utility; usefulness etc. adj.; efficacy, efficiency, adequacy; service, use, stead, avail; help etc. (aid) ... meer laten zien

9 service

Tableware consisting of a complete set of articles (silver or dishware) for use at table.

synoniem: table service.

Pools: serwis

10 service

The act of mating by male animals.

synoniem: servicing.

11 service

law The acts performed by an English feudal tenant for the benefit of his lord which formed the consideration for the property granted to him.

12 service

sports A stroke that puts the ball in play.

synoniem: serve.

Nederlands: opslaan, opslag, service
Pools: serw, serwis, zagrywka

13 service

The act of delivering a writ or summons upon someone:
— He accepted service of the subpoena.

synoniemen: service of process, serving.

Nederlands: dienstbetoon, dienstverlening, service, servies

14 service

Periodic maintenance on a car or machine.

synoniemen: inspection and repair, overhaul.

Nederlands: controlebeurt, onderhoudsbeurt, servicebeurt
Pools: przegląd techniczny

15 service

The performance of duties by a waiter or servant.

Pools: obsługa, obsługiwanie, załatwianie


1 service

Be used by; as of a utility.

synoniem: serve.

Roget 625: pass one's time in, employ one's time in, spend one's time in; employ oneself in, employ oneself upon; occupy oneself with, concern oneself with; make it one's business etc. n.; undertake etc. 676; ... meer laten zien

2 service

Make fit for use.

3 service

Mate with.

synoniem: serve.

Moby betekeniswoordenboek: American plan, European plan, Mass, a la carte, accommodation, account, acquiescence, act of grace, act of kindness, action, active service, activities, activity, advantage, advice, affair, affairs, agency, aid, air force ... meer laten zien.

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